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HAYAMI's thoughts on establishing a grass straw

The grass straw brand "HAYAMI" was launched by three young people.


By 2050, marine plastic waste will exceed the number of fish. I felt a sense of urgency that if I continued to live like this, I would not be able to swim in the beautiful sea or eat delicious fish in a few decades.


Despite being called a developed country, Japan has low awareness of sustainability and the environment, and mass production and mass consumption are taken for granted, considering only immediate costs.

Therefore, we launched the Grass Straw Project to realize a sustainable Japan.


Without the earth, not only business but also human beings cannot live. In order to build a world where loved ones and loved ones can live comfortably in the future, we who live in the present need to take action. Small changes in each person's daily life will lead to major changes that will change the future of the earth.


Although it is a small change called a grass straw, we would like to contribute to the construction of a sustainable society by making many small changes.




About us




Tokyo University of Agriculture, Department of International Agricultural Development, 2nd year.
Participated in international volunteering in the Philippines, and at the age of 18, started backpacking in Spain and Mexico under the influence of his brother. Promote the grass straw project while making it compatible with university classes.



Executive member

Graduated from the Faculty of Law, Chuo University. After studying abroad in the United States and backpacking experience in 23 countries, he has worked as a researcher for startups. I met Min during a backpack and started a grass straw project. When he was a student, he also focused on immigration support activities such as hosting an immigrant soccer tournament.



Executive member

Study abroad in Japan for 2 years as an Asahi Shimbun scholarship student. After returning to Japan, participated in a project related to Japan at a local IT company. After that, he was mainly in charge of Japanese market research at a staffing agency in Vietnam. Currently, he is the president of a Vietnamese subsidiary of a Japanese company.

[Company profile]

 Company name: GK HAYAMI

Representative: Natsuto Okubo

Date of establishment: May 25, 2020


Business: Import and sale of grass straws

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